Thursday, January 19, 2012


I hate being sweaty.. but that's slowly changing! I guess I measure my workouts by amount of sweat produced. This is week 4 of phase 1, and that means a different workout routine. Today I did Core Synergenics and it kicked my butt! Yesterday was Yoga, and of course I did not do Yoga X. Instead, I did Yoga for Health on my Netflix, and it was incredible. I have never ever liked Yoga, but this program was great and it was exactly what my body needed.

This week's workouts are: Yoga, Core, Kenpo, Stretching, Core, Yoga, Rest
I will also be going to Zumba class on Monday with a friend, so it will be Yoga & Zumba that day.

Sounds pretty easy to me. School starts next week, so this is coming at the perfect time as I adjust my schedule. I'm really happy I started this workout plan because by now it is a habit and I don't really have to force myself to do it anymore. Hopefully that habitual attitude will stick with me as I add homework and classes into the mix.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

End of Week 3

So, I was right.. I didn't really change anything in my measurements- but that doesn't get me down! Everything is much much more toned and I'm confident next phase is going to shed the pounds!

Arms- 13.5
Thighs- 25 (went up .5, so I probably measured in the wrong spot)
Chest- 42 (-1")
Waist- 39.5 (-2")
Hips- 46.5
Neck- 13.5 (-.5")

Monday, January 16, 2012


Today was so incredibly hard. I barely made it through Legs and Back + Zumba Abs. I collapsed afterwards and was shaking for a while afterwards. This is what happened last time and I know it's from not eating or drinking enough. You'd think that since I know what the source of the problem is, I'd be able to fix it...but old habits die hard. Trying to incorporate more food and water into my day is much harder for me than it should be. I really reject the thought of eating more than I already do.

Let my experience be a lesson- while on P90X you MUST eat a lot and get tons of water or else you will collapse from exhaustion. It's not preventing me from working out, but it does make my recovery time about three times longer than it should be.

The end of week three is tomorrow, and I will be checking my measurements. I'm so nervous! P90X doesn't work the same way for women as it does for men. For a lot of people the first 30 days does not produce weight loss- it can even make your weight go up since you're gaining muscle. Phase two and three are where you see the fat melt away. The first time I did P90X I had a huge success in phase one, but this time I'm not losing. A lot of people quit after week four because they didn't see the huge results they had hoped for and do not keep going. I'm determined to get beyond week four!