Thursday, January 19, 2012


I hate being sweaty.. but that's slowly changing! I guess I measure my workouts by amount of sweat produced. This is week 4 of phase 1, and that means a different workout routine. Today I did Core Synergenics and it kicked my butt! Yesterday was Yoga, and of course I did not do Yoga X. Instead, I did Yoga for Health on my Netflix, and it was incredible. I have never ever liked Yoga, but this program was great and it was exactly what my body needed.

This week's workouts are: Yoga, Core, Kenpo, Stretching, Core, Yoga, Rest
I will also be going to Zumba class on Monday with a friend, so it will be Yoga & Zumba that day.

Sounds pretty easy to me. School starts next week, so this is coming at the perfect time as I adjust my schedule. I'm really happy I started this workout plan because by now it is a habit and I don't really have to force myself to do it anymore. Hopefully that habitual attitude will stick with me as I add homework and classes into the mix.

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  1. I've been wondering about yoga, and how to start and learn- I will check netflix. Best wishes with school. And its great to be in a routine. I feel like I crave working out now....and it feels great!