Thursday, January 5, 2012

Revel in this Feeling

Just finished Cardio X. I hate that one. Actually.. I pretty much hate all of P90X, but you gotta do it, right? I'm proud of myself- I came home from work, didn't even give myself time to argue and makeup excuses, i just changed and worked out. My motivation today was a glass of red wine and a movie with my hunny after I finish cardio and tanning. Usually the whole postponing rewards thing doesn't work for me, but I really want that glass of wine!

The feeling I have right now is absolute soreness. It's the kind that you can feel so deep in your muscles you know you'll be feeling it for days. I love this feeling and I think I'm a failure if I don't feel it every day. I don't miss it when it's gone- but it is a blaring reminder that I'm actively doing something to change my body and my life.

Time to relax and tan. I'm having a good day :)

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